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Argan 6 Oil from REDKEN - Just WOW! - Beauty Booty 411

Argan 6 Oil from REDKEN – Just WOW!

On Tuesday night, I went to Enrico Coiffeurs Stylistes (2310 Ontario E., Montreal) to try out some new products from REDKEN. To give you some background info on this pic (that’s me and Enrico below), the products I was there to try were hydrating products for damaged hair. For a fine-haired gal like me, this usually translates into flat, lifeless hair, but as you can see, my ‘do has some texture and body! (Yes, that’s body for me!) Read on to find which hot new REDKEN products have got me head-over-heels!

Enrico had my hair infused with the new Argan 6 Oil ($34.99) from REDKEN. This oil is made with a product we already know works wonders on the hair but the remarkable part is that it suits all hair types. Just use more or less depending on your hair’s thickness and damage. I loved the oil so much that it’s my new best friend. I put some more in this morning and my hair looks and feels silky smooth.

To get the best results, try All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner before applying the oil. This duo will hydrate your thirsty locks without weighing them down. Trust me, if there is anyone who freaks over volume, it’s me.

Another trick Enrico gave me to help boost the volume in my hair for days (without washing) is to use REDKEN Guts 10 ($21.99). This amazing, life-changing foam really lifts hair at the roots and keeps it up for two to three days. So using a product like Argan 6 Oil has even less of an effect on the volume of my hair.

In my shower, I removed my old shampoo and conditioner and replaced it with All Soft. I’ve got the Argan Oil and Guts in the cabinet under the sink for use on damp hair, right next to Fabricate 03 ($22.99). That’s another little gem Enrico gave me. It protects my locks against the heat damage of my beloved yet evil hair dryer!

Are you eager to try the new All Soft and Argan 6 products from REDKEN?



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  1. Hi Maria,
    it was really great to work on your hair.
    it was amazing to see how many different looks we can do with your hair,(with the proper products) lol
    thanks for taking the time to write up about your experience at the salon with Argan 6.
    I was mostly pleased to see that some of the suggestions that i gave ,you are using.
    Experineces like we shared ,does make it all worth while!
    hope to do more hair events in the futur with you.
    Happy holidays and i will now add your article on the salon blog!