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Baby Lips: Your Secret to a Kissably Smooth Pout - Beauty Booty 411

Baby Lips: Your Secret to a Kissably Smooth Pout

The newest Maybelline launch this month is one of my faves. While colourful eyeshadows are always my weak spot, I melt for a super soft lip balm that will keep my lips moist and smooth. Cracked bright red lips? Not cool! Read on to find out why Baby Lips is my new fave.

Baby Lips ($4.99 each) has SPF 20 and lasts a whole eight hours. I have been wearing Peach Kiss since I got it last week and already, my lips are smoother and more hydrated. I usually wear Vaseline on my lips at night to keep them in top shape. Baby Lips has been replacing my good old Vaseline lately and I was surprised to see the same great results. These fragrant lip balms come n four tinted shades and two clear ones. There is one for everyone.

I know lip balm seems less exciting than a brand new flashy neon ink lipstick, but trust me, no lip colour looks good on dry, poorly hydrated lips. Just like your skin, the only wat to makeup look great is to give it a good canvas to be displayed on.

My secret? Apply an extra thick coat of balm right before bed and again in the morning for extra hydrated lips all day long. Plus, I’ve found Baby Lips to make my lip colour last longer. Bonus! Are you a lip balm user or do you let your lips get dry and chapped?


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