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Cloth in a Box - The New Way to Wash Your Face - Beauty Booty 411

Cloth in a Box – The New Way to Wash Your Face

Not that face washing needed revolutionizing or anything but a few weeks ago I received an email from this company, asking me to try out this product. When I read in the press release that it would make washing my face fun, I was a little skeptical. But I swear, it does! Find out why…

Cloth in a Box ($17)is an adorable pink face cloth that feels so awesome on the skin. This heart-shaped cloth is super easy to use with your regular cleanser or soap and it’s soft feel leaves the skin feeling fresh, clean and super smooth. When it gets wet, it immediately becomes more plush and softer. Plus, it doesn’t stain so you can use it to wash your makeup off.

I keep mine on the convenient little hook it came with in my shower so I can wash up every day. It feels like a mini facial so it’s my way of treating myself to a short spa treatment before starting the day. I’m all about spas!

Find out how to use it and where to get one. You have to admit, it’s adorable, no?


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