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Could These Tweezerman and Harajuku Lovers Handbag Essentials Be Any Cuter? - Beauty Booty 411

Could These Tweezerman and Harajuku Lovers Handbag Essentials Be Any Cuter?

I always wonder why my handbag weighs more than I do but I suspect it has something to do with these ridiculously adorable beauty gadgets I can’t seem to live without anymore. No joke, I have everything a woman on-the-go could possibly ever need. And while I admit my mini flat iron and emergency blush kit don’t necessarily need to be with me at all times, I do think these Harajuku Lovers goodies from Tweezerman are essential to the sacred handbag! Read on to find out why!

I’ll start with the adorable Designer Series Slant Tweezer ($25, pictured below – Mini Tweezers pictured above are only $15). As a busy bride-to-be, I have found myself with little time to groom myself as I usually do and plucking my brows sometimes gets slightly neglected. I can’t walk the streets with stray brow hairs! The horror of spotting an extra hair while catching a glimpse of oneself in the window of the subway cart is too much for me. Besides, look how cute these are? Who wouldn’t want to have these with them all the time?


I am also a huge fan – and I have been for years – of the Matchbox Itty Bitty Files ($4). While the Harajuku Lovers version is utterly adorable, these are also super affordable and very practical. A hang nail can be a problem. Especially when you’re wearing thin nylons and you accidentally cut them open with your hang nail. (It happened – true story!) These mini life-saving files fit into your makeup bag and weigh almost nothing. Just grab one and fix your hang nail in no time. I never leave home without ’em.

How are you liking the Tweezerman and Harajuku Lovers collabo? Adorable? If you’re looking to snag these picks yourself, head to Sephora.


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