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Don't Throw Away Your Coloured Eyeliner Pencils - The Trend is Still in! - Beauty Booty 411

Don’t Throw Away Your Coloured Eyeliner Pencils – The Trend is Still in!

Last summer, coloured eyeliner was a big thing and it apparently still is. I, for one, am a fan. Read on to see which celebs are rocking the look best.

Emma Stone, one of my fave Hollywood stars right now, is rocking purple shimmering eyeshadow. It looks great and really enhances her eye colour. The idea is to stick to a shade that enhances your eyes, not necessarily just a bright eyeliner that doesn’t match you. I think Emma nailed it.

Rihanna, a woman whose fashion and beauty choices in recent years have been known to scare me and freak me out completely, really pulls off the green eyeliner look. I love this smokey effect, don’t you?

Finally, Miley Cyrus also goes for some purple on her peepers like Emma Stone but sports Rihanna‘s smokey version of it. I seriously urge you all to try this out this summer. It’s gorgeous and different from the usual black. Don’t be afraid ladies. Do it!


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