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Eyelash Extension Dos and Don'ts - Beauty Booty 411

Eyelash Extension Dos and Don’ts

So I got eyelash extensions last night – poor me, always having to try out new things for my readers :-P! I am seriously in love with them and they’ll be perfect for my upcoming vacation. Read on for my before and after shots AND for the facts you need to know before you get them.

I did my lashes with Jamie D’Amico – eyelash technician extraordinaire. It may have taken two hours but it was worth it. Jamie offers a full set of lashes (and they are FULL) at Romanza Salon + Spa for $125 (a $250 value). My fave part? Bi-weekly refills are only $25 and take no more than 30-45 minutes. So definitely affordable in terms of maintenance compared to most salons that can charge as much as $75. What do you think of my eyelash transformation? (Try not to make fun of my Photoshop skills when it comes to putting two photos side-by-side!)



Now for the serious part. After a long chat with Jamie about what to keep an eye out for, here are the points I think you all NEED to know before getting eyelash extensions.

1. Meet with the technician for a consultation first. Make sure the glue is the Mise-En-Cils glue that has been approved by Health Canada. I can’t stress this enough. If you hop into a salon you don’t know well and the technician uses a cheap glue, there is a huge chance your real lashes could fall out and from the research I did online, that could be permanent damage!

2. Make sure your lash technician applies an extension to each individual lash. Some technicians try to save time and money by stacking, which is applying two or three lashes to one of your natural lashes. This will be too heavy and cause your real lashes to fall off sooner – meaning more maintenance and more $$.

3. Some technicians glue three natural lashes together with one extension. This is also very bad and can cause damage to your lashes.

4. Make sure the technician sterilizes her equipment. Eyes leak fluid and all bodily fluids carry bacteria. You can develop an infection in your eyes if there is no proper sterilization process.

5. The technician should use lashes that are the appropriate length and thickness for you. Simply applying very heavy lashes for a va-va-voom effect is not a good move. It will be too heavy and cause your natural lashes to fall out. Have a say in the lashes your technician chooses and listen to them if they recommend a shorter, thinner lash.

6. The technician needs to be officially certified by a recognized lash extension company like Mise-En-Cils. Inexperienced or unqualified technicians may glue the lashes to your eyelid instead of one millimetre above the root of the lash, where it should be glued. That means as your lash grows, it might pull and hurt and make your eyes red.

The most important thing to do is head to a qualified technician that comes with references. I can personally vouch for Jamie and her fabulous work. If you’re in the Montreal/Laval area, call Jamie for an appointment at Romanza at 514-519-1184. Remember to tell her that Beauty Booty 411 sent you. For a technician in your city, visit Mise-En-Cils for info.


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