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Fall 2014 Fashion Week Beauty Trends: From New York to Paris - Beauty Booty 411

Fall 2014 Fashion Week Beauty Trends: From New York to Paris

Guest blogger: Jennifer Braun

If you’re a Fashion Week follower (which recently ended in Paris), you’re probably sick of staring at designer clothes you can’t afford. Luckily, there were also some killer beauty looks featured on the catwalk you can definitely replicate without breaking the bank. If you’re ready to take a stab at some Fall beauty trends, read on to find out about some of my favorite ones to try as of right now!

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New York Fashion Week: Rag & Bone Eyeliner


I have yet to master the art of perfectly winged eyeliner – that is without spending more than 30 minutes in front of the bathroom mirror. But this look from Rag & Bone would definitely be worth the extra time and touch-up Q-tips.

This beauty look, created by Revlon global artistic director Gucci Westman, is proof that less is more. I love that this look is effortless, yet interesting by just changing up the shape of your applied liner. Just line your eyes with a thin layer of black, following the natural curve of the lid and only slightly lifting upwards on the ends. Pair it with a soft, subtle, glowing complexion and your attention-grabbing look is complete.


London Fashion Week: Topshop Rebellious Eyeliner


In London, Topshop Beauty consultant Hannah Murray also played with eyeliner and created a look at the Topshop Unique show that she described as “rebellious boarding-school girl”. This was translated through heavily rimmed black eyes. Murray said the key to this look is to keep the liner looking solid, as opposed to smudged and grungy. I think this is a great beauty look for the evening to add a little edge to an outfit. It will also go well with darker Fall hues come September. If smudging is a recipe for disaster for you, then this look will work better. Just apply the liner thicker and leave it alone. You don’t even have to have a precise straight line. Go for natural by applying freely.


Milan Fashion Week: Prada Clogged Lashes


In Milan, we found more beauty looks that focused on accentuating the eyes. I love this weird effect that was created by applying tons of layers of mascara on the models at the Prada show. You can wear this look with a nude lip during the day or wear it in the evening with a red lip for a little added flare. Either way, it’s sure to be a conversation starter.


Paris Fashion Week: Fresh Face with a Pop of Colour


Just when we thought there was no way to incorporate bright colour in to our beauty routine for Fall, Christian Dior introduced a splash of bright blue and khaki green. I love the colors and the sparkle that’s found in these shades, but what’s most interesting is the shape. This eyeshadow shape widens the eyes with an exaggerated “wing” that puts standard cat-eyes to shame. The theatrical look, created by makeup guru Pat McGrath, isn’t for a beauty-wallflower, but I can definitely see this shape gaining popularity. In real life, you may want to apply a little less and make the eyeshadow less dramatic, but the general idea should remain the same.

Which Fashion Week trends were your favourites? Would you have the guts to try out any of these?

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