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Get Your Hair Looking Fab with Yves Rocher Botanical Hair Care this Summer - Beauty Booty 411

Get Your Hair Looking Fab with Yves Rocher Botanical Hair Care this Summer

Managing your hair is a huge beauty challenge in the summer because the warmer weather (though much loved) can wreak havoc on your locks! Read on to find out more about the new Yves Rocher Botanical Hair Care line of hair products and which three products I think you most definitely need right now!

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Before I get into Botanical Hair Care specifically, I have to say that Yves Rocher hair products have really impressed me in the past and this collection is no different. And on the plus side, the products are dirt cheap! Good quality at a fair price is surprisingly hard to come by these days, so this is a real win in my book.


I’ll start with the Vitality & Radiance Shampoo ($4.95). If you’re striving for luscious locks, you should start with a good shampoo. I really like this one because it makes my hair look really shiny and healthy, despite the fact that it tends to get drier in the summertime. You really don’t want the UV rays dulling your mane. This shampoo will keep it looking its best, regardless of the weather.


To keep the shine and radiance going, you need to make sure those locks are well hydrated, so I recommend using the Nutri-Repair Mask ($8.95). This product is made with Jojoba Oil and shea butter, ingredients known for their intense hydrating properties. Use this once a week and you’ll notice softer, smoother, healthier-looking hair from the first use. Regular use will keep your hair hydrated all summer long.

16326Because the heat, humidity and UV rays can really do a number on split ends, I’m also recommending Hair Repair Oil ($8.95). I suggest using this once a week, not on the same day as the mask, of course. With macadamia nut oil, this hydrating product is best for adding nourishment to dry, split ends, as well as the scalp, which can flake off more during the hot weather. I have found these three products to each work in their own way to help fight off frizz, dryness and the other annoying hair problems summer can bring on.

Have you tried the Botanical Hair Care line yet? Which products are your faves?


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