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Going to Mexico? You Can Still Have Great Hair! - Beauty Booty 411

Going to Mexico? You Can Still Have Great Hair!

Cuba, 2004 – the trip I went on with my girlfriends that was supposed to be the best trip ever. After over-heating my hairdryer and realizing my flat iron was useless there for some reason, I ponytailed it – for 7 nights! I can’t even look at the photos of that trip! Luckily, if you’re headed to Mexico and you select a Palace Resort Hotel, you won’t be in this predicament. They’re installing the best hair supplies EVER. Deets after the jump.

Normally, hotels have those miniature blow dryers that not only take forever to dry but also seem to snag my hair into the back end! Disaster! I’ve been using my CHI flat iron for seven years. I even bought one with a European outlet so I could use it on vacation abroad. Unfortunately, an adapter doesn’t quite do the trick – but I digress! They are by far, the best flat irons out there.

The Palace Resorts (all seven of them in Mexico) will now offer this amazing CHI Hair Dryer along with the CHI Flat Iron. These salon-quality products mean you can lighten your luggage and still have great hair. The beauty of this intense flat iron is that it cuts humidty from your hair, making the style stand up to the tropical climate all night long!

Is anyone else as excited about this as I am? Comment below if you’ve had a tropical vacation hairstyling disaster wreck your trip in the past!


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