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Good Things Come in Small Packages - Including Hair Tools - Beauty Booty 411

Good Things Come in Small Packages – Including Hair Tools

I have become quite the traveler this year as a beauty blogger at heart, my biggest dilemma when traveling abroad is my hair – how the heck can I get it to look nice without my best friends (a.k.a. my blow dryer and flat iron). Read on to see why these GS Mini Professional hair tools from Trade Secrets will make packing less hectic next time you travel.

Aside from being super compact, the GS Mini hair tools are also dual voltage. That means you can bring your teeny-tiny hair dryer, flat iron and/or curling iron to Europe with you and not worry. Plus, you won’t weight your suitcase down at all. Now I have thin hair but I do have a lot of it so I was a little skeptical at first. I tested out the GS Professional Mini Hair Dryer ($49.95) and it packs some serious heat even though it’s barely bigger than the palm of your hand. It’s a very powerful little thing and it curls right up into a compact shape, too.

When you have bangs, like me, they can be a total nightmare when you’re away from your usual hair supplies. Luckily, I can fix my out-of-control bangs with my GS Professional Mini Flat Iron ($39.95). It’s the best. Plus, it comes with this great little carrying case so you can store your iron – even when it’s hot – and get moving to your next vacation destination.

If you need refined curls, I recommend the GS Professional Mini Curling Iron ($39.95). It’s small and compact but like its buddies, it packs a real punch. I am bringing these along with me on my European adventure this summer. I know I sound vain but don’t pretend you like the vacation hair situation. You’re taking a million pictures, they somehow all end up on Facebook and your ‘do is crazy! Trust me, at this price, these minis are super worth it.

All three products are available in black or pink at Trade Secrets and are all dual voltage.


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