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Guess Who Spoke to Allure Magazine to Find Out Which Award-Winning Products You Need? - Beauty Booty 411

Guess Who Spoke to Allure Magazine to Find Out Which Award-Winning Products You Need?

I was lucky enough to get a chance to chat with Associate Editor at Allure Magazine, Sophia Panych. She walked me through the products Allure has selected in the Breakthrough Awards Category of their 16th Annual Beauty Awards. Find out which products Allure thinks have totally made a breakthrough in beauty and watch a video clip of my interview with her.

The first product Sophia raved about was CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara. Sophia say the thickening and volumizing formula, which also adds length, is a real beauty breakthrough because it actually prevents nasty clumping.

Next on Sophia’s list is the YSL Gloss Stain (a personal fave of mine, as well). She said Allure chose this product as a Breakthrough Award winner because it has the staying power of a stain, the look and feel of a lipstick yet is also super shiny. PLus it comes in loads of shades so there is definitely one for everyone.

Moving into hair products, Sophia told me the Cool Way Flat Iron also made the list. Instead of damaging your hair with intense heat, you can use the spray to add moisture to the hair, and then use minimal heat to get rid of frizz, straighten your hair and give it a smooth and sleek look. It can actually strengthen damaged hair by 300% – which is insane!`

Moving on to skincare, Sophia says Allure has named Roc Retinol Correxion Max Wrinkle Resurfacing System as a Breakthrough Award winner for one simple reason: It has been clinically proven to boost collagen and elasten and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The products contain an advanced technology that sends a signal to your skin telling it its damaged so it begins healing and repairing itself. That actually is pretty amazing.

The last product we discussed was Eau Thermale Avène. It makes skin look smoother and less red and is proven to help treat rosacea.

Watch the video below for more details on each product, according to Associate Editor at Allure Magazine, Sophia Panych. Plus, get her tips on how to determine which products are best for you. I had a phone interview with her this morning at 8:00 a.m. and thankfully, me (and my pajamas) are not on video. Only Sonia and her fave products picks!

Which products are you interested to try out?



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