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Introducing Maybelline Face Studio Master Products - Beauty Booty 411

Introducing Maybelline Face Studio Master Products

Maybelline is releasing some hot new products this month. Read on to find out why you NEED Master Glaze and Master Hi-Light to kick off 2014!


I think every woman’s New Year’s Resolution should be to spend more time pampering herself. Between busy work days, family life and a little socializing here and there, we’re run-down and beat. I have an 8-month-old baby boy and although I love him to bits, I need some me-time, too. Putting on my makeup and getting all dolled up (even if I have nowhere to go but the mailbox!) is something that makes me feel good, makes me feel pretty and makes me feel sexy. Nobody can take those 15 minutes of pampering away from me and you should adopt the same mantra this year!

This weekend, in one of my little pampering sessions, I used two amazing new products that I didn’t get the chance to try over the holidays. Master Glaze ($11.99) is a blush stick available in six shimmering shades. I am obsessed with Warm Nude (pictured above). I absolutely love a touch of shimmer on the cheekbones and the stick is super quick and easy to apply. You can give your entire look a boost in about five seconds. You must try!


I also really like Master Hi-Light ($13.99), a shimmering, multi-toned illuminator. I rely on a tip I read in Bobbi Brown‘s book, Pretty Powerful. She recommended applying a cream blush followed by a powder blush for longer staying power. And obviously, she was right. I now LIVE by that tip. I applied my Master Glaze and followed it up with a dash of Master Hi-Light and just like that, I had a gorgeous shimmering glow that lasted all day. And it only took me a few minutes to apply.

You can find these awesome new Maybelline products on the shelves today! Wallet-friendly and awesome? Yeah, you need to go to the drugstore like now!

What’s your ultimate beauty application tip?

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