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Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray - Beauty Booty 411

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray

I’m not a big hairspray user but mostly only because it usually feels sticky and disgusting and I want to wash my hair soon after. But my sister and I are now both lovers of Moroccanoil Luminous Spray. Read on to find out why.

I use the Medium spray but it also comes in Strong hold for those of you who need extra firm hold. I like the medium one because it holds my ‘do in place and still leaves it flexible. It’s been one of the most used products for celebs right before hitting the red carpet and I can see why. It does the job without the gross side effects of spray we all hate.

Remember, it’s not 1980. Hairspray has improved since then so don’t be afraid to try this one. As a bonus: it smells fantastic. I feel like it’s my fragrance for the day. I spray it in my bangs and all day, I can smell it. It’s fabulous – beats the chemical scent most hair products have.


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