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My New Addiction: CRACK Hair Fix - Beauty Booty 411

My New Addiction: CRACK Hair Fix

If you haven’t heard of or tried CRACK Hair Fix already, you need to get on that right now. Read on to find out why I think this product is just so amazing.


CRACK Leave-In Treatment and Styling Aid ($20) is one of my favourite new products. Every now and then, I stumble across a product that I am truly impressed by and it becomes part of my regimen, no matter how many other products I receive. This is one of them. CRACK is a thick cream that I mix into my hair once towel dried. It keeps my hair soft, smooth, shiny and silky. I have very dry hair and during the winter, it gets even worse. This product is keeping my hair hydrated and soft, no matter the weather conditions.

Before spending loads of cash on pricey shampoo and conditioner, try CRACK with any old shampoo/conditioner combo and see how it works. Trust me, you’ll love it. Plus, it doesn’t weigh down thin hair and make it flat or greasy, which is a major concern for me with most leave-in hair treatments.

CRACK is sold at International Beauty Services, ICON Salon Systems and Maritime Beauty Supply in Canada. You can also purchase it online at

Which hair products do you swear by?


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