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New Favourite: Miss June Hair Brushes - Beauty Booty 411

New Favourite: Miss June Hair Brushes

This is the time of year when I really start to have difficulty with hair brushes. My hair is thin so it’s overcharged with static when I brush or blow dry it. This has proven to be the single most annoying thing I have to deal with in winter besides the actual weather.

I recently tried a new round brush from Miss June, a line of French fashion and beauty products sold in a boutique right here in Montreal (2030-B Crescent). I gave this brush the ultimate static test by using it during the time of year when static usually starts to get to me. I also made it a point to brush it through my locks repeatedly to actually try and create static.

So far, I’ve been nothing short of impressed with my Miss June hair brush. The superior quality of these brushes, which are guaranteed for life, don’t make hair static and actually leave it with a shiny, silky finish. If you use a round brush, you may want to consider giving this local brand a whirl.

The Olivia brush (pictured) is only $17.90 and the results it yields are well worth it. You can also buy Miss June online, which makes life even simpler. Gotta love that! For the time being, Miss June’s website is only available in French. If French is not your strong point, Google Translate can help you out. The site is pretty easy to navigate so you shouldn’t have a problem with it.

Have a great weekend, beauties!


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