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New V-Day Tradition: Love Yourself! - Beauty Booty 411

New V-Day Tradition: Love Yourself!

Whether you have a special someone in your life or not, today is the perfect day of the year to indulge no one other than yourself. That’s right. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about loving someone else. Is there an “I love me” day on the calendar? Nope. Instead share the love with an at-home spa evening.

Tonight, pamper yourself with some of the goodies I received from The Body Shop last week. Start with the Strawberry Body Polish ($16 — but on sale right now for only $10). A good scrub is a fabulous way to exfoliate your skin and make it feel fresh and brand new again. It’s a fundamental element to a fabulous spa treatment. Although the best part comes right after your relaxing bath.

I am addicted to the Strawberry Puree Body Lotion ($12). It smells absolutely amazing. It’s so good, I’m tempted to lick it right off my arms! It’s a really soft and gentle lotion that deeply penetrates the skin for long-lasting hydration. I love lathering myself in it and it leaves my skin feeling relaxed, calm and smooth.

If you’re a body butter fan (something The Body Shop is known for), I recommend going for the Strawberry Body Butter ($16). It really is buttery soft since it’s made with one of the ultimate natural hydrating ingredients: shea butter. It intensely nourishes the skin and the smell of strawberry is even more intense, but not overpowering. It leaves my skin with a sweet lingering smell of fresh strawberries. It’s great for a spa night.
If you have plans for tonight, be sure to set aside one evening this week just for you. It’s important to take the time to relax and spoil yourself from time to time. Make a stop at The Body Shop on your way home tonight for some wallet-friendly products that are sure to make you feel like a pampered princess. Happy Love Day, everyone!



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