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Simple Beauty: PUPA Milano Smoky Eyes Kit - Beauty Booty 411

Simple Beauty: PUPA Milano Smoky Eyes Kit

PUPA Milano, a gorgeous makeup line straight from Italy, is all I can think about these days. The products are absolutely gorgeous and my new favourite one is glued to my hands these days. Read on for deets on the Smoky Eyes Kit #03 ($32).

You really can’t go wrong with an earth tones and for me, it’s an absolute must. I love smoky eyes but I’m really over the whole black and grey look. It’s been done to death – thanks to the Kardashian clan! The Smoky Eyes Kit #03 (also available in other shades like purple, green, etc.) is hitting pharmacies in October.

It’s really easy to get a smoky eye with these shimmering, smouldering shades of eyeshdow. You don’t need super makeup artist skills or even a steady hand. The easy way to do it is to start with blendable shades like these.

I apply the top right copper shade to my lower eyelid, the bottom left brown to the crease, the bottom right khaki to the outer corner of the eyelid and the top left shimmering beige to the brow bone and inner corner of the eye. To finish off, I like to apply this perfectly blendable Multiplay Eyeliner #08 to the upper and lower lashline. Just use the opposite end of the pencil to stomp the colour and smudge it around. To be safe, take a clean brush and quickly wipe all over the eye to blend the edges of the colours better. That’s my two-minute smoky eye secret.

This 4Eyes Palette, along with the other shades available, hits stores in October 2012. Have you ever tried PUPA Milano before?


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