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Spring 2011: Light Up the World With Stila Cosmetics - Beauty Booty 411

Spring 2011: Light Up the World With Stila Cosmetics

If the au naturel look is what you’re looking for then you won’t want to miss out on Stila‘s new spring collection. Focusing on an ethereal glow, the new Stila Cosmetics collection is the perfect way to brighten up your face without looking like you have tons of makeup on. It’s very light, shimmering and natural. I have been steering you into the matte direction this past winter but when the warm weather hits, it’s all about shimmering makeup to highlight your skin (and maybe highlight your golden tan, too).

The All Over Shimmer Duo in Kitten ($29) is one of those versatile items you’ll be grateful for this summer. It can act as eyeshadow, blush or highlighter powder for the cheekbones and brow bones. I have one and it leaves my skin with an illuminating glow that compels people to complement my “perfect” skin. They don’t know it’s the powder doing the work but really, who cares? No one needs to know. I’m perfectly happy with being complimented.

The Silk Shimmer Gloss in Sunlight ($29) is what I like to call the ultimate summer gloss. Shimmer? Check! Bronze undertone? Check! A little tip, any bronze shimmering gloss will highlight a tan and give your skin a more golden appearance. When I get a nice tan, I refuse to wear anything else. I’m headed to Jamaica in a couple of weeks (yay!) and you can be sure this is coming with me. I like this gloss because it has the high-shine finish I expect from a gloss without the nasty sticky factor, which I think we can all do without. I actually wore this gloss yesterday. No, I’m not tanned due to this horrible winter but it made me feel like spring was somewhat closer.

While the thought of simply moving away to a tropical country has crossed my mind millions of times this morning alone, I know that if that doesn’t work out, I can always turn to some summery products to fool me into thinking it’s nice out. And after a few months of a sunless winter, my skin tends to start looking a little drab. It needs a little refresher and Coconut Crush ($32) is perfect for that. This summer, this product is going to be my BFF (if I have any left by then!). It’s a cheek and lip stain and it’s perfect for adding colour, depth and a radiant glow to the skin. I prefer to use it on my cheekbones to refresh my look and give me a sun-kissed glow.

The entire Stila Spring Collection, which includes some other fab must-haves is available at now at Shopper’s Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques.

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