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TESTED: DIOR Nail Artistry Box - Beauty Booty 411

TESTED: DIOR Nail Artistry Box

Guest blogger: Jennifer Braun


Dior, has recently released a beauty kit for nail enthusiasts. If you’re ready to tackle fall 2014 nail trends in the comfort of your home, keep reading.

Artistry Box

I wouldn’t consider myself a nail art enthusiast, but there’s something about having this Dior Nail Artistry Kit that brings whatever nail artist you have in you, out. The newly released artistry box is equipped with nail accessories inspired by the colours and designs of Dior’s Fall collection.

Included in the box sets are one Dior Vernis mini nail lacquer in Chrome (072), one Dior Gel Coat, Swarovski Crystal elements, tweezers, and two stencil sheets in the shapes of Christian Dior’s famously superstitious symbols; clovers and stars.

Nail Art 1

Before you tackle this artistry kit, make sure you have a fair amount of time on your hands (no pun intended). The kit is fun and easy to use, but you need a little imagination and patience. I promise no nail artist experience is required.

Before you dive in to the kit, remove the stencils and Swarovski elements from the packages to avoid smudging any of your nail polish (I learned this the hard way). The Dior vernis in Chrome goes on your nails really well and dries fast. The Gel coat is also very shiny and sets the manicure on well.

Nail Art 2

The first thing that I was excited to try was the star stencil. The stencils are placed on a clear sheet and peel off like stickers. The stencil sticks on to your nail and stays in place while you paint over it. The first time I tried the stencil, I put it right on top of a base coat, but I much preferred how they look placed over another nail polish. I used Essie’s “a crewed interest” (912).

I would suggest you play with the juxtaposition of the stencils. Don’t just place a stencil on the middle of your nail, but instead place them differently to create a funky nail art design.

I applied two coats of nail polish over the stencil (you shouldn’t be able to see the stencil outline) and I let it dry for 15 minutes before peeling it off. As long as you wait the proper amount of time to let the polish dry (this is where your patience needs to kick in), the stencil peels off beautifully and there is no smudging.

I placed the stencil back on to the clear sheet once I was done to use again. Each stencil should be good for two to three uses and there are a total of 28 stencils.

Nail Art 3

Next I placed the Swarovski Crystal elements on my nails, which are a bit tricky to place. Pick up the gems with the tweezers that are provided and gently place them on your nail. I would then apply a bit of pressure on to the gem with my finger to assure they stay in place.

I easily worked on my nails for an hour, but it was fun and I’m happy with the finished product. The Swarovski elements surprisingly stay on your nails all day. Most of them fell off however when I showered, so consider using the kit for a special evening.

Nail Art 4

What I love about this kit is that the possibilities are endless. You can play up the different designs or colour combinations to create a number of different looks.

The Dior Nail Artistry Box is available at Holt Renfrew for $60.


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