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The Best and Worst Celebrity Beauty Looks of 2012 - Beauty Booty 411

The Best and Worst Celebrity Beauty Looks of 2012

The beginning of a new year has come and hopefully, it will be a great one for all of you. As usual, when ringing in a new year, it’s customary to look back on the previous one and nit-pick at all the horrible styles you hope died along with that year. And of course, we definitely take a look at a few looks we hope will remain. Read on to find out which celebrity looks I hope find a place in 2013 and which looks I pray are dead and buried in 2012!

BEST: Dark berry lips

I almost hate to admit when ScarJo does something good but she and Jessica Biel are rocking dark berry-coloured lips. It’s such a nice change from the classic red. While red is awesome, it doesn’t hurt to shake things up a bit (I hope you can hear me, Taylor Swift!). I hope this trend goes into the new year.

BEST: Winged eyeliner

I seriously wish this trend would be in forever! And ever. I love the winged eyeliner look and Emma Stone looks great with it. It really opens up the eyes and adds a stylish finish to a simple look. It’s my secret for instant-glam.

Now, we move on to the worst and surprisingly, those weren’t hard to come up with. In fact, it was hard to limit it. I must be more of hater than I thought.

WORST: Ombré hair gone wrong

Aside from the fact that I dislike neon hair (because it’s HAIR!), I really dislike non-seamless ombré. The point of ombré is to have a gradual colour fade out. I don’t know what this is – other than ugly. And not-so-surprisingly, Christina Aguilera is sporting yet another faux pas look.

WORST: Spider lashes

I don’t know where this uber-separated eyelashes trend came from but it looks like Kim K (one half of the most annoying couple on Earth) is wearing some cheap, dried out mascara. Let’s retire this hideous look for 2013. And never speak of it again.

WORST: Claws for nails

I’m all for oval nails, and red nails. But there is no reason for Rihanna to keep them that long. It’s tacky and quite frankly, a danger to anyone within arms-length of her! On a side note, this one of the less ridiculous trends Rihanna sported last year! (Like that pastel lipstick that matches with nothing.)

What do you think of my personal list of likes and dislikes? Which beauty trends would you like to see dead and buried in 2012, never to resurface again?


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