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The Best and Worst of the 2012 Emmy Awards - Beauty Booty 411

The Best and Worst of the 2012 Emmy Awards

Why even bother watching awards shows if not to critique the guests? I mean, I’m not winning the award, so who cares? Luckily, Hollywood stars have given me lots to chat about after last night’s 2012 Emmy Awards. Let’s start with the pros…

Heidi Klum is just amazing and so picture-perfect (which would explain her career as a super model). I think she looked absolutely stunning last night. Her sexy dress was just enough and her hair and makeup look was too gorgeous for words. I loooove her old Hollywood-inspired locks. They make her look classy and elegant (like she needs help in that department!). I also really like how she went for neutral-toned makeup to offset her aqua dress and accessories. While keeping it minimal, she still looks red carpet-ready and as gorgeous as ever!

Claire Danes (despite wearing the most overdone colour of the evening) looked fabulous. I like her blond hair, her subtle smoky eye and her neutral lips. Plus, the makeup looks great paired with her subtle hint of rosy pink blush. Pregnancy is also working wonders for her complexion. Unfortunately, my list of faves really ends here!

Kelly Osbourne‘s purple hair is not doing it for me. I hate it. It looks dull and washed out and borderline grey. In addition, those burgundy lips couldn’t possibly clash any more! I do like her dress though…except for the fact that it matches her hair!

I normally really like Ashley Judd, which is why I was so surprised to see this Bride of Frankenstein hairdo. WTF? This is just taking beehives to a whole other level – and not a good one! Sorry Judd, but you have obviously fired your stylist and need to find a new one – desperately!

What did you think of last night’s looks? Faves? Least faves?


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