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The Best and Worst of the Emmy Awards - Beauty Booty 411

The Best and Worst of the Emmy Awards

Let’s starts with my favourite look of the evening at last night’s Emmy Awards. Nina Dobrev: is there anything about this look, I don’t like?? Nope. Read on for deets on her look and find out who made my “Worst Look Ever” list.

Nina Dobrev showed up in a fabulous red gown to end all red gowns. It’s gorgeous but what really makes her look tops for me is the hair and makeup she went with. The hair, hanging over to one side is so pretty. The Old Hollywood glam hairstyle is never out of style, as far as I’m concerned. I also like that she went for a soft smoky eye, just bitten lips and a fair complexion to really allow her natural beauty to complement her exquisite gown. She did it all right and I love it. Do you love her look?

Now, on to my least fave. I don’t even know where to start here. Oh wait, yes I do. Kaley Cuoco went for the dewy complexion but apparently missed. Her skin just looks greasy and oily and it really doesn’t flatter. I think the eyeshadow is funky and all over the place and it just too much. And the hair. Oh my…it’s the messy look gone wrong. Too messy, too much — not good! I’m really not liking anything about this. How about you? Am I just a mean and horrible person or is her look really just nasty?


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  1. Hands down I agree with you on Nina Dubrov’s overall look. She was just gorgeous! Not really feeling the makeup on Kaley Cuoco although I loved her dress! I actually didn’t get a great close up on most of the celeb makeup looks! I’ll have to check them out :)

  2. I agree Nina looked great but it was the hair and the dress. Her make up was nice but in a way she looks ashy to me. I have to disagree on Kayle. Her skin was looking greasy but that’s about it. Her hair really isn’t that bad. It looks chic. The eyeshadow was a good choice but the rimmed liner that started smudging just made it look messy. She should have just done a winged liner. Other than that she wasn’t bad. Her dress was awesome. I think mainly this was just an unflattering picture. Don’t be a meanie and give her a chance! lol

    • Agreed on the winged liner. I’ll try not to be such a meanie in future…lol. I just can’t help it sometimes though. I mean, celebrities pay people to dress them. They’re not allowed mistakes! ;-)