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What the Heck is BB Cream and Do You Need It? - Beauty Booty 411

What the Heck is BB Cream and Do You Need It?

In short, the answer is yes! BB cream is all the rage all of a sudden — it literally sprouted up like a weed and the talk about it is growing just as quickly. This got me wondering. What is a BB cream? More importantly, do I need it? Estée Lauder invited me to a sit down interview right before the holidays with one of their expert makeup professionals and I got the skinny on this new coveted product. Read on to find out more.

Ok, so I had the entire holiday break to try out this cream and I have to admit, I’m addicted to Estée Lauder Daywear BB Multi-Perfecting Beauty Benefit Cream ($45) now. Generally BB stand for “Blemish Balm” but in this particular case, it stands for “Beauty Benefit.” Unlike other BB creams, it does not provide any ingredients to counter acne or control blemishes but it does cover and conceal in the same way. Other BB creams will promise that acne controlling feature but you have to double check the packaging to be sure.

Here’s why I like it: The cream is light and fresh. It also contains SPF 35 and isn’t greasy in the least (thankfully!). It sort of acts like a tinted moisturizer and foundation in the sense that it conceals those unwanted blemish, scars and spots but it doesn’t feel like makeup. Imagine a moisturizer that feels like moisturizer, keeps your skin hydrated and erases those mild flaws. Here’s my favorite example: One day during the holidays, I got a surprise visit from the FedEx lady who frequents my house so often with packages of beauty samples. I had zero makeup on and some unsightly pimples. Now how would it have looked it I opened the door, a beauty writer, with less-than-flawless skin? I applied some moisturizer real quick before getting the door and my face looked fresher and more alive.Plus, this one works for all skin types.

Now this BB cream won’t magically erase everything but it does conceal and give your skin a good base so you need way less concealer to conceal the extra nasty red pimples that plague your skin. The important thing is to find a BB cream that works for you. Thus far, I’m hooked on Estée Lauder. Curious enough to give it a try?


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