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Who Rocks Nail Art Better? Me or Beyoncé? - Beauty Booty 411

Who Rocks Nail Art Better? Me or Beyoncé?

While nail art has been kind of freaking me out ever since celebrities started going crazy with it, I am finally starting to like some ways of sporting this trend. As you can see my Beyoncé‘s nails (yup, that actually happened!), you can see why I have always been a little apprehensive about getting on board. Read on to find out which nail art is starting to catch my eye and and check out my own nail art mani, too!

Now that you’ve hopefully washed Beyoncé’s horrible jewelled nail art out of your head (seriously, B!) feast your eyes on my fave new product: the Sephora Nail Art Kit ($19). This totally giftable kit is great for making holiday-ready nails. I opted for a flower stencil design, silver on black and call me cheesy but I find it adorable! You like?

While logo nail art can also be horribly tacky and hurtful to the eyes, I kind of like this Burberry look I spotted on Beautylish. I can,t imagine how much effort it takes to get that done, right but isn’t it so cute? Don’t be shy to tell me if you think I’ve totally gone off the deep end here. Do you like some forms of tame nail art? Or does the whole trend still weird you out?


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